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Why Body Positivity shouldn’t be your main focus

Body positivity

Why Body Positivity shouldn’t be your main focus

I love body neutrality more than body positivity and let me tell you WHY. With body positivity we are taught to love how our bodies look! For me it was hard to find the balance. I struggled and beat myself up over not being able to fully love my body on bad days and then feeling bad at being “body positive”. I felt the pressure of advocating body positivity one day and then not loving my body so much on other days, as if I was being an imposter.

BUT MAYBE that’s where I did it all wrong in the first place. Maybe it shouldn’t be about body positivity and my body’s appearances and being okay with just that. With body neutrality I’m learning to love my body WAY BEYOND its looks! I’m loving it for the strength it has, for being a miracle every single day. I am praising it for being able to find rest when I had a stressful day, for taking me places, for being able to remember birthdays and digest my meals! I’m so PROUD of what my body can do!

With learning and appreciating all that, it seems that I have finally found peace with my body being the magical vessel that it is, doing it’s wonderful things that it does every single day. Finding joy in eating AND in sports, in fries AND in water, finding balances in work and play, in effort and rest.

Yea.. I think I love body neutrality 💜 and I definitely learned to love my body a lot more as well 🥰

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