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The Artist: an uncomfortable job

Artist job

Let me ask you: do you want a job that you actually Love?

Receiving hate as an artist is still more normalized than actually being an artist and making a living out of it.

No matter if I work long hours.

No matter if I tried several other jobs before that made me unhappy.

No matter if I will always create free work.

No matter if I cried a lot.

No matter if I failed a lot.

No matter that I am a human being that just likes my work like my bookkeeper likes hers. It’s just not wished upon an artist to make a living yet. And when I make the choice to talk about my work as a business or product (that even starts to make me super anxious by the way), that’s when hate comments find their way to me.

I am a human being, receiving hate does affect me. And it affects my creativity. And to be fair, the reason my creativity is still so much alive is because my Patrons financially and mentally support me and the people who do like my work and find strength and joy in it, like and share my work. Don’t take away the joy of these people by taking away my creativity with hate. Instead spread joy and peace, celebrate the artists that you enjoy. Many artists do have a Patreon these days by the way, or a website!

Any job is supposed to bring joy and I wouldn’t wish a dreadful job on anyone.

I would love to spread awareness that anyone who loves their job deserves a joyful and comfortable life as well and shouldn’t give in on other aspects of their life because of it 💜



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