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Hey my Loves 💜,

Here’s a quick update. So coming Monday I’m going to do another 24h comic sale starting at 8PM CEST for you, but it officially will start 8.30PM CEST. It’s just an early access Patreon perk ^-^ these will be the ones I’m offering this time. They’re comics from early June:

I’m also preparing merch and already ordered some samples. So I’m very excited to be showing these to you soon. I’m going to go for print-on-demand, which basically means that when you’re ordering a shirt, I need to order that particular size and the shirt is going to be printed for you and then mailed directly to you. That means that I won’t have to deal with inventory. But keep in mind, when I’m making merch, to check the size labels (I’ll make sure to make them!) cause there won’t be any return option as they are custom made.

The first shirts I ordered were unisex tees that were being made and shipped from the US, but Europe has its way of asking huge fees when you import something from the US in a package. In Belgium this is *anything* worth over €22 retail price. So I asked myself “WHAT IF I search for a supplier in Europe, and have it shipped to the US as well, would the US have these major import customs taxes as well?” AND NO THEY DON’T! So anything that comes from the US => Europe costs a huge amount of money on smaller prices, but the other way around you can purchase up to $1600 as a US citizen of internet purchases without paying customs fees. The mugs are standard made in Europe, so that will be alright!

So that problem got solved and I found an even better shirt in organic cotton! However, there is still one item that will be shipped from the US as they don’t offer it in Europe (this is still to be approved because I want to do quality checks on the samples first) and that item are tote bags. Now I found a way around it. I’ll make an announcement that anyone living in Europe who orders a tote bag, to please purchase 1 per order to avoid customs taxes. The thing is, the end customer has to pay those and I don’t want you guys to have to pay them. That’s why I did all the research and want to search for ways to avoid extra costs.

I am hoping to launch my merch in September. Many things will be happening and I’m so excited for it ^-^

Are you excited for this? What is your favorite comic from the 24h comic sale? 💜




Prudence 💜

OH and this is the advertorial I made for the comic sale: