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Hi my Loves,

Here’s another update for you! As you know, I’ve been busy on projects. I have another one coming up for Microsoft and I probably have a big one coming up which is not yet confirmed but will let you know when it does.

Since it is highly requested, I will be able to make some extra time free to also add a podcast to Patreon for the $1 twice a month once I hit $1000! This takes up a lot of time + I need a mic. But I’m willing to add that to the list 😀 and I look forward to getting there! Also, I made a new “ad” comic for Patreon which I have to finish asap, but I’ll finish that asap as well!

Also, people have been asking me about my birthday wishes and if they can send me money or stuff, which is amazing! So I’m going to make a post about that as well. No one has to feel obligated, but this way everyone knows they’re welcome and I’ll be sending everyone a thank you mail of course! I want to keep everything personal and even the fact that people ask me if they CAN, is just so meaningful to me! I’m so grateful for all the love I receive!

Okay so now for comics and new stuff. Be patient with me guys! I spent a lot of time working on commissions but I will take a week off at the end of the month because it’s my birthday then and I’ll be happy to enjoy it making new comics. I already have new ideas both for self care posts, motivational ones, body positivity, period ones and of course also expectation vs reality! I also have ideas to make some into new prints.

For December I look forward to hopefully add the podcast to the list and I’ll be making some new videos as well for my YouTube channel such as a new 50 facts about me and draw with me’s.

I’ll also adjust the text on my Patreon and add some cute thumbnails to the pledges. I thought that was pretty cute so I will definitely get into that! This week I’d like to get my administration in order and finish up the commissions I still have left for this month, make the wallpaper for this month’s Patreon reward and hopefully share some new sketches with you guys. I’ll probably add some new prints to my shop soon as well, and of course those will be included in this month’s care package along with some other goodies!

I think that was it for now. Thank you guys so much for being so patient! Next month will all about new and fresh comics, new videos and personal development!

I love you guys so so much! I wouldn’t know what to do without your support and you being in my life <3