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Hi my Loves,

I’m back to work now!

So yesterday 7 year old nephew got attacked by a crazy man at his school. The man wanted to strangle him, then kicked him, when my mom arrived and wanted to come in between. My mom (who is 60+) got slammed to the ground and the teachers at the school guarded both my mom and his nephew until this psycho went home.

Today the psycho called school to tell them that he shouldn’t have done this but that my nephew was in his eye sight when he lost his temper.

My mom’s back is fractured and hurt, she’s an elderly woman who started to feel unwell and was in the hospital all night. My 7 year old nephew is bruised from the kicks he received and has marks from the strangling on his neck. My dad was so stressed and nervous when being in not the best health either, so I looked after him yesterday evening while my brother took my mom to the hospital.

Luckily both my nephew and my mom are back home and my dad found his calmness again.

I hope justice will get to him because this is senseless violence and shouldn’t happen.

I’m back at my desk to start working again after a sleepless night.

I kind of look forward to have my work done before the end of the week and that peace will return within myself soon as well.

Thank you all for your lovely messages! I’ll get back to answering your messages and comments very soon <3

I love you guys so much!