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Hi my Loves,

As you may have seen, I haven’t posted the throwback illustration yesterday on Instagram.

I’m in excruciating pain of that one little tooth. Good news (and kind of bad news because well.. it still sucks) is that it will be removed with dental surgery on Monday! I have no place for a wisdom tooth and since it wants to get out but it can’t and it is giving me this pain, it has to be removed. 

I am still working on commissions for Christmas, and on new comics! I will probably work a little more on expression studies and poses tonight (hopefully). I would love that! And of course I’d love to share that with you!

Did you like the sketches I shared here before?

How are you doing?

By the wayyy, it was a rainy day here in Belgium today and I enjoyed it SO much! I don’t know how I turned out to be a Fall person so much, but it just happened. I always used to think it wasn’t nice to have my birthday during Fall and now I’m very grateful for it! Is this.. could it be.. is this growing up? 😮