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Who remembers this one? One of my favorites ever, because we should all feel like this and even though we don’t always do, we should always keep it as a reminder that we should!

I hope your day was amazing!

Okay small update: one of my wisdom teeth is probably coming out so I have to go to the dentist’s office tomorrow. I’m afraid I might need surgery because it hurts a lot and my gums are immensely swollen and eating is almost impossible.

I’m on painkillers now until the appointment tomorrow morning, but I hope to be back with positive news at least and hopefully they’ll be able to remove this little demon out of my mouth ASAP. Sucks that it’s an extra cost I wasn’t expecting this month and that I’ll probably have an extra burden for my birthday if the surgery can’t be done soon enough. Let’s hope they’ll be able to do it somewhere this week still or so.. If it has to happen anyway, I’d rather have it sooner than later!