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Hey my Lovess,

Today is Thank You Patrons-Day!

I want to thank you for being here, for being a part of my closest family and for supporting this crazy Planet Prudence journey.

Last year I was at the end of my capacities in terms of being able to deal with companies that are kind of (trying to) rip(ping) off artists. I knew that if I kept this going like this, I wouldn’t have been able to actually keep being a creator like that. As someone who lives independently, working on her own art career, it’s not doable to not actually get paid for the work. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and just take one more shot. I’ve been active on Patreon for quite some time, but I never really dared to make it my priority. Until that point.

I started making Patreon a priority and added extra rewards. I’ve had it with being ripped off and I think artists deserve way more! Here we are, Patreon Family! I can almost fully live off of Patreon, I’m fully supported by you, the amazing people who actually respect my work 300% and know the worth and value of a creator. You guys have turned into my actual family. You know how I feel, what I’m doing and basically what my life looks like.

We will get to the point where we can keep Planet Prudence running only through Patreon. I know we will <3 but that will be thanks to you!

This is not MY page. This is OUR page! Thank you my sisters and brothers, moms and dads! <3 you guys mean the WORLD to me! <3



Prudence <3