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Hey my Loves,

This is the first digital comic for instagram that I did with the tablet I got from Wacom 😭😱 what are your thoughts? Any helpful tips are welcome 💜

I also posted the sketch along with it (also sketched on the tablet 💜)

During the weekend I’ll be packing the care packs, making the coloring pages and my monthly favorites and my orders, so I can ship the care packs and orders over the weekend or in the beginning of next week 💜

I need to see my therapist on Monday so I’ll “lose” some time to draw and make Patreon rewards.

I’ll also look into some sort of zine soon because we surpassed our previous goal 🥰 thank you all so much for that 🙏🏼 there’s only a little road to getting to being self sufficient and from there on we can grow in all that we do and want to achieve 💜 you guys make this all happen and I’m beyond grateful to have you as a family 💜

I love you guys so much 💜 enjoy your weekend, kindest of kind soul ❤️🙏🏼


Prudence 💜