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Hey my Loves 💜,

This is probably going to be my last post for today though! I made one about boobie shapes.

This one was inspired by you guys, as I received many questions that people have no idea if their shapes are “normal”, or because their breasts were starting to get a bit more saggy, have stretchmarks, aren’t as perky and round as what they see in videos or on models. Some got comments from guys saying that they have boobs that don’t “fit their age”, which is plain disturbing, honestly. In fact, we can even have uneven sizes! This happens because underneath the glands and fat, there are also muscles. Muscles can grow. Glands can be bigger at one side as well. HELL it’s a body. Take a picture of your face and you’ll notice it isn’t symmetric either.

Please, anyone who is carrying their boobies, wear them with pride! Any shape, size, mark, is perfectly normal at ANY age!

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Prudence 💜