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Hey my Loves 💜,

How are you doing? I am still recovering from my wisdom tooth surgery on Tuesday. I really thought I was going to be fully recovered by now, or at least that the swelling and pain would be entirely gone, but apparently it takes a bit longer than expected.

I also have received some of the merch samples and I’m not quite happy with how my work looks on tshirts. I love them SO much on the mugs though. The quality of the tshirts that came from the US weren’t so good, but thankfully the ones that came from Europe (which are the ones I wanted to be good) are top quality! They are extremely soft, also organic cotton and the prints look good. I’m awaiting the quote shirts now but I think I’ll go with those in terms of shirts, and as I made up the quotes myself I’ll also have my brand name on them so you can show them off to friends ^-^

One tote bag is sooo cool, but the supplier ran out of tote bags and they won’t be restocked until October! So I’ll probably have to do a second merch drop later in the year for those.

SOOOO for the wallpaper *HOW CAN YOU GET THIS ONE*

This wallpaper is an extra thank you wallpaper for you because of the change in tiers and is going to be sent out to all people who sign up to become a $5 Patron (or more) in August and keep their subscription going throughout September. I’ll send those out the second week of September to your email (so make sure to have these up to date in your Patreon information). Thank you for growing with me guys 💜

Have a lovely weekend my Loves 💜💜 I love you so so much! 💜


Prudence 💜