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Heyy my Loves,

I have been dealing with lots of terrible nights lately and I definitely need a break from life if I could. Here’s my collab with the wonderful Ally who’s instagram you can find here <3

I love Ally’s style so much and I’m always so amazed on the things we create together <3

Thank you for your art, Ally!

Love you guys so much! Btw: I’m working on the care packs and will send them out either this week or the next, and I’m also working on a Patreon exclusive comic and will record the Q&A tomorrow. So if you still have some questions, please look up the post to my Q&A questions and I’ll answer them all in the AM 😀 <3


Prudence <3

Oh another quick update: I have a dentist appointment tomorrow because I think there’s another wisdom tooth making my life a living hell and causing headaches, keeps me awake at night and whatnot. I’ll keep you updated! Pray for it to just be a cavity please <3 getting a wisdom tooth pulled is not a great pleasure <3