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Heyy my Loves,

This comic is featured by my long time friend already, the amazing Coline ( )

One thing both me and Coline have in common is that we love using vegan products and invest in the environment. On top of that, I love myself some 70’s music, don’t care about my appearance and clothes, don’t buy a lot of new clothes ever, have slick blond hair so people actually think I’m a hippie and even call me that sometimes. I mean.. how can people still put other people in corners like that? I never considered myself as being a hippie or anything like that.. But anyway.. I would have loved being at Woodstock back in the days though haha.

I hope your day is good today!

Love you guyss!! <3

By the way! For all care bears: The care packages are on their way! <3

Love you so much! <3


Prudence <3