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Hey my Loves 💜,

How are you? I’m in so much pain today and it feels like I’ve been thrown off a hill or something.

Anywayyy. I’m quite lucky I can still draw. I was in the driver side and got hit at the driver side which means my left arm and left side of the body hurts like hell, but I manage to still draw with my good right hand. Thank goodness. You know, basically after I made an inventory about the pain, that was the first thing I thought about was “omg thank goodness my right hand is completely fine”. I’m so thankful. I don’t know what I’d do if I would feel the urge to draw and wouldn’t be able to.

Today’s comic was sketched and inked before so I colored it today. I wrote a little text that goes along with it:

“I wanted to make this comic because we are never taught that our vulva can have different colors than the surrounding skin -apart from all the other things that our educational system is still missing because they’re too conservative to even include it in our education. BUT let me help a hand here.

It’s totally common and normal for both our inner and outer labia to be darker than our skin color. Some people have pinkish labia which is the one color that we get taught as “normal”, because that image is what we saw in textbooks, in videos,… but there is a large array of colors like darker reddish, browns and purples that are coloring our labia as well. And again: it is perfectly and utterly NORMAL!

Some people are trying hair removal or even try bleaching or lightening the sensitive vaginal area with certain treatments. First of all: hair removal doesn’t make your skin look lighter, as it doesn’t make it lighter on your legs. Bleaching should be TOTALLY out of the question because it can actually damage the skin, cause irritation, inflammation and infection because it harms the good bacteria inside the vagina! The bleaching creams can even go up to cause SCARRING!

Your body is unique. And gosh, your vulva deserves the BEST treatment! Love it like you should love every part of your amazing body💜”

Did you guys know these facts already? Do you think it is helpful for me to share these?

I love you guys 💜💜💜


Prudence 💜