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Hey my Loves,

Here are tonight ant tomorrow’s posts, and tomorrow’s circle illustration will also be available as a limited print on my shop at 7.45PM CET ( 6.45 PM GMT / 2.45 PM ET / 11.45 AM PT / 12.45 PM MT ) – so on <3 I will give you 15 minutes head start to claiming a print if you want one because it seemed to be a popular one when I made it on stream, and then post it on Instagram at 8PM CET ^-^ <3

The imposter syndrome is one that is really personal to me and I’m a bit scared to post it, because I really often feel like not doing well enough, not being talented enough, just not doing an being enough. It’s an odd but familiar feeling, but I’d also love to get rid of it as I know if somehow limits me in a way as well. 

I hope you’ll have a nice Tuesday and are having a nice start of the week <3 you guys deserve it so much!

Love you to the moon and back, my Lovelies <3


Prudence <3