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Hey my Loves,

here’s the final version 😀 i hope you like it! I will probably already start making the comics for the next week in the afternoon stream <3

I will also work on Patreon rewards this weekend so stay tuned for more goodies over the weekend, and I’ll make a few extra blogposts, will add a few more coloring pages this month (because Coronatimes are a bit boring for most of us and I want to cover you in luvvv) and I’ll record the sketchbook tour over the weekend 😀 <3

ALSOO: I had some great recommendations on the Merch post. And I look forward to making the circle illustrations into designs for tote bags, shirts and mugs and come up with some inspo quotes and new designs as well! <3

Let me know if I miss anything else or should add anything else to the list 😀 ^-^



Prudence <3