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Hey my Loves,

So today is Simon’s 26th birthday! He was my precious brother when we were little and we were two peas in a pot through our entire teenage years, having the same friends and going out with each other, until from both our ends relationships tend to have ruined our friendship and bond and both our personalities.

I’m happy to tell you that fortunately after a few years, we found our own selves back and our way back to our sibling bond (and we got rid of all the toxicities in our lives, yay to us!) and luckily this has been years ago now, and I’m SO glad to tell you that the bond is even stronger than in our teenage years!

I’ll try to protect him whenever I can, and I’m so proud that he’s grown into a very gorgeous, empathic soul and the best brother and friend I could wish for.

Happy birthday, Simon!

I hope your Friday is great, my Loves!


Prudence <3