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Lately I found myself feeling a lot worse than I used to be in terms of mental health.

I’ve been feeling sad caused by happenings that I now have to deal with on top of every other old trauma that I have to recover from.

The last couple of months I’ve been backstabbed by people I had no idea would be capable of doing that. I’ve seen true faces and a lot of new fake ones. I’ve opened up to people I thought were trusted and got manipulated. I’ve been happy to meet old acquaintances and found out they only invited me to brag with their friends. Others who didn’t need me anymore just ghosted me. 

I’ve been yelled at by people who barely know me just because they’ve had a bad day, and they never even cared how I was feeling at that moment.

Suddenly I’m being recognized as a friend by people who never even cared about me in the past, just because from their perspective, I’m doing well career wise.

I’ve been disappointed by people I cared so much about and I thought would have the best interests in me. And I’m so sick of all of this. I find myself searching for reasons to hold on at times.

This is just me opening up to you and being vulnerable. This is okay. All of this above is not and I should not be dealing with all of this on top of everything else I have to recover from.

I hope for better times and healthy relationships.