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Hey my Loves,

here are tonight’s and tomorrow’s comic 😀 the Valentine’s one is for tomorrow.

I will probably have a nice meal at home and chill with the movie “Before I Go To Sleep” since I’ve read the book last week.

I’m now reading “Reasons To Stay Alive” from Matt Haig. I really need that book right now. It talks about his battle with depression and I’ve been feeling so under the weather the last couple of days, not only physically but also very much mentally. I felt so much recognition already in the first 30 pages I read.

I also love how I’m reading so much faster than I used to. I had no idea you can actually practice reading as well. I love that.

What are you plans for Valentines/Galentines/Singletines (I just made that up)?

Love you so much! <3


Prudence <3