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Hey my Loves,

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy your Valentines?

So I start getting more and more questions about when I’ll be getting babies. I tell people -which in fact I also quite mean- that I first want to get married and then have everything settled so I can give my child the best life. I’m also not quite ready for it yet, but saying that makes people say “oh but you’ll be ready SOON” which freaks me out even more, so I’d like to cover them in facts.

By the way, my Lovelies, I’ll be streaming again tomorrow at  2PM CET / 1PM GMT / 8AM EST / 5AM PST / 6AM MT on Twitch  to draw the drawing on demand for you Patrons <3 the result will be exclusively for Patrons and they will be as an exclusive print in this month’s Care Pack along with all the other goodies of course ^-^ <3

Lots of love <3


Prudence <3