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Hey my Loves,

Here’s tomorrow’s comic featuring the lovely Nikky ( ) who loves to create and loves to play music. Those hate comments are awful and there will always be people disliking other people’s creations, and I personally don’t mind critique at all in a way that is respectful, and people who are somewhat involved, either in my work, fans of my work, people who’ve seen my process and progress or either people who have done it before and know it takes hard work and how it feels to be criticized.

I always felt bad about it in the past, but it’s gotten better because these people trolling online and straight up bullying others are people who aren’t worth the attention and I got to a point where I can easily block that out and not give it any attention anymore.

However, I’m always open for feedback, ideas, even critique and I love to have a support group who also isn’t afraid to tell me what they like. Because this also means there’s a certain comfort between us.

Thank you for being here, I love you guys <3


Prudence <3