Only $ 75 left for free shipping!

Tomorrow’s my birthday! I’m turning 27. Some people asked me to send me things or to donate something, which I’m so grateful for!

Some of you have already sent me something to my house and I can’t wait to open it tomorrow! I’m just grateful for whatever I receive (no dead rats of course, thank you, please) and I made this as a personal wish list.

As you know, I took a week off from projects and client work to focus on drawing for myself again. This was my first drawing I made for my own this weekend. There are things I can’t wait to do, such as drinking my coffee (if I ever get a new kettle, hence the kettle on the drawing haha). I love to grab a coffee nearby though, preferably with a waffle. I would love to read some books this week as well, and I would love to invest in an aroma diffuser soon. I’m very drawn to essential oils and scents lately. They calm me and I feel more at peace.

I have a spray here which sprays some scents but it’s perfumed and not natural. It also give me a headache sometimes, which should not be the case haha. But I saw a house once, and they had this aroma diffuser and it was just heaven! So I’d love to get myself one too someday!

Oh I also made an additional post to go with this one because many followers have asked me where to make a birthday donation. But since it isn’t e business donation, I gave up my personal PayPal 😀

Love you guys! Hope your weekend is going great! <3