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I’m sorry guys, apparently today my comic didn’t upload, so here’s an update about my life/day.

So right now it’s past midnight and I had a standard Monday. I try to dump all the crappiest things together on Mondays. I went to the grocery store (fun fact: I had no food left on Saturdays so I just baked some fries yesterday and eventually went to the store today), I also have a new website fixed for you guys (since there were problems with the current one, but I found a solution – YAY)

I also went to visit my therapist, which was a great relief for me. I think it did me good to visit her again.

I ended like early in the evening with a visit to the press where I picked up a large portrait I made which I shared a WIP of earlier and I also managed to make some spaghetti (and ate some of course).

I also made a new blogpost up on about the differences between panic attacks and anxiety and what I do to make them go away.

I’m very proud of how my blogs turned out so far. I’m also sharing an OOTD in a second and I’ll watch and make sure it’ll upload!

By the way, this comic was a savage one for sure, I have to admit. And there are more to come because I had some left in a list for you MUHAHAHA.

I hope your week started out great! And I’m sorry again for being too impatient to wait for it to upload. UGH