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The Face Mask – The N°1 horror underneath

The Face Mask – The n°1 horror underneath

As much as I respect the fact that a face mask allows us to be protected from exposure to COVID, in this post I’d like to talk about the other edge of the sword..

While it’s all fun and games to be able to make faces behind our mask when no one sees it, it is also much harder to recognise anyone behind them.

Face masks have challenged us a bit more to recognise missing people or criminals, have allowed them a little more freedom as well to blend in to the crowd.

Where it was odd to cover most of your face a few years ago, it is now very uncommon to see anyone having their face uncovered.

With the pandemic and the use of face masks, it is so much harder to read people, their emotions or traces of abuse. With the start of the pandemic, many of us were happy to be able to work from home, while so many others were scared to now spend even more time around their abuser.

I’m asking you to check in with your loved ones, and ask them how you can help. According to the info over on @rainn, 93% of all victims under the age of 18 KNOW their abuser! Which means it often happens within their home! Homeschooling and working from home does not help these people AT ALL and for them, this is way worse than getting exposed to a virus. They live in survival mode 24/7.

I’m asking you, if you’re one of these people, to allow others to help you as well. I know it’s much less visible now, but we still SEE you! And all we want for you is to be and feel safe.

I’m telling you this because as I’m now in a safe place, it crossed my mind so many times that if the pandemic and lockdowns would have happened years ago, I don’t know if I would have survived a 2 year pandemic. And I feel strongly for the ones who have to do it now. I feel your pain. And even though it doesn’t feel like it right now, you CAN get out!

Allow someone to help. Years back, I personally called an assault hotline. I literally had no one else to turn to. And even though it might sound like a threshold, it did help me so much. They took me under their wings and guided me towards therapy. It was a long process and I’m still not over the facts and all that came along with it. But it helped.

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