Only $ 75 left for free shipping!

We are with more than 200 in this Patreon-family! And I cannot thank you enough because together, we got already halfway our first goal! Planet Prudence and the real Prudence (me 🙋🏼) are incredibly thankful and I cannot describe in words how much this actually means to me.

It’s been my dream since forever to be an illustrator and I’m kind of forced to jump in right away (since I had the terrible news that I won’t be able to work for a boss/go to school like a normal person), which I was not able to do alone. You are building a path and a life for me and are making sure that Planet Prudence is staying alive and present. I am more than happy to keep you updated as soon as possible and give you the coolest rewards in return!

Thank you so much and a huge hug for every single one of you 💜💜💜