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Article 1. Identity of the seller

Planet Prudence
Postbus 32, 8700 Tielt, Belgium

Article 2. Applicability

These terms and conditions apply to every product that is offered on By placing an order on counts as explicit acceptance of these terms and conditions.
Orders from other countries than Belgium can be refused, in case that Planet Prudence cannot deliver to this country or cannot comply with local law. Orders for Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea are always refused.

Article 3. The agreement

To purchase a product, the Consumer adds this product to his basket. Afterwards, the Consumer provides his contact information, address and invoice information and chooses his preferred way of delivery and payment. By clicking “place order”, the purchase is final. The consumer receives a confirmation via email of his purchase.
To order a commission, the Consumer places this order and provides all the necessary information. This includes the information necessary to complete this commission: wishes for content and aesthetics, but also which physical and/or digital products the Consumer wants to order. Planet Prudence makes an offer, the agreement is final when the Consumer sends his written accordance. Planet Prudence makes a first sketch and sends this to the consumer, after approval and payment by the Consumer, the final commission is made.
This commission is a “best-efforts-obligation”, which means that Planet Prudence will try to deliver the desired result for the Consumer. This result will be based on the Consumer’s information and Planet Prudence’s personal, artistic style, which the Consumer knows and agrees to. Under no circumstances can Planet Prudence be responsible or liable for a commission which doesn’t meet the Consumer’s aesthetic or subjective wishes.

Article 4. Price and payment

The prices on include VAT, but do not include shipping. The consumer chooses his payment method when placing the order.
On offers for a commission, the prices include VAT and shipping costs are stated separately, if applicable.
Shipping is free when ordering for €75 or more.
Non-payment suspends all obligations for Planet Prudence.

Article 5. Delivery

We will execute accepted orders expeditiously, but delivery will take place no later than 30 days after placing the order.
The delivery period of 60 days starts when the payment is made, when ordering a commission.
When a third party involved in production makes a mistake, are delayed or do not execute properly, the delivery period may exceptionally be extended by 14 days. Planet Prudence will always correctly inform the Consumer and commits to finding a quick solution.
Shipment is at risk of Planet Prudence, until the moment of delivery to the Consumer. The Consumer inspects the delivered products immediately. If they are damaged or do not correspond with the order, keeping in mind the subjective character of commissions as stated in article 3, the Consumer reports this to Planet Prudence and returns the products within 14 days.
The Consumer has the legal minimum warranties according to Belgium law.

Article 6. Right of withdrawal

The Consumer has the right to decide that he does not want to keep the products, up until 14 days from the delivery day. The Consumer immediately informs Planet Prudence that he wants to exercise his right of withdrawal. Returns will be send to Postbus 32, 8700 Tielt, Belgium. Delivery costs and return costs are always at the Consumer’s expenses. Planet Prudence will refund the original price, after deduction of any diminished value.
Because of the personalised character of commissions (article 3), the Consumer has no right of withdrawal for commissions, according to article VI.53, 3° WER.

Article 7. Intellectual property

Physical products

Planet Prudence retains all authors rights/copyrights, except for the right to exhibit, which is transferred together with the physical product. Consequently, the Consumer is not authorized to reproduce the physical version of the product or the commission or any part thereof through any medium or to have it reproduced by third parties. Furthermore, the Consumer undertakes to notify Planet Prudence in writing if it becomes aware of a violation by a third party of the copyrights of Planet Prudence.
The name “Planet Prudence”, will remain associated with the product or commission. To this end, when the product or commission is referred to or displayed, the Consumer shall always ensure that the name “Planet Prudence” is mentioned and that there can be no doubt or ambiguity in relation to its capacity as author of the product or commission.

Digital products

Planet Prudence retains all authors rights/copyrights, except those discussed below. The right to exhibit is transferred along with the product or commission. Furthermore, the Consumer may print the digital version on different mediums, distribute it on the internet and via social media, etc., for their own and/or personal use. This is however expressly prohibited for commercial purposes. Planet Prudence is in no way responsible for the quality of the selfmade print, the quality of the chosen medium etc. and will never be liable for any consequences hereof. The Consumer undertakes to notify the author in writing if he knows of a violation of the copyrights of Planet Prudence by a third party.
The name “Planet Prudence”, will remain associated with the product or commission. To this end, when referring to the product or commission or when displaying the product or commission, the Consumer will always ensure that the name “Planet Prudence” is mentioned and that there can be no doubt or ambiguity related to its capacity as author of the product or commission. In addition, when posting the digital work on social media (including: Instagram post, Facebook post, set as profile picture, etc.), Planet Prudence will always be tagged.

Article 8. Applicable law

Belgian law shall always apply, without prejudice to the protection enjoyed by the Consumer on the basis of provisions which cannot be derogated from by agreement in the country where the Consumer has his habitual residence.