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Last week I reposted a quote that said “Reminder as we get into hotter weather: you’re not dressed like a slut, you just think like a rapist” and there were a lot of positive comments, but some “men” found their way to the comment section as well, who just had to give their sickening two cents about what women wear and how they’re actually to blame if they get raped.

How on earth can people still think like this? How on earth does someone find the audacity to say this to anyone, or even put it online for everyone to see? I would be ashamed as hell!

As a woman, I wish I could walk on the street safely, but these commenters show that we still have a long way to go.

I was so angry about these comments but I was able to convert it in strength to create new things and speak up about it. I made some crop tops, tank tops, tote bags and tshirts with the quote on that I’m going to wear as much as I can this Summer (and probably long after that!)

From a rape survivor to all of you: it’s not your fault, nor is it your clothes, it’s the fault of the rapist!

Quote post: @activismandstuff

Comments found on: @reclaimyourbodymovement



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