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So over the past few months I’ve been having several tax audits because someone filed a complaint against Planet Prudence. I’m at my 4th tax audit over the past 5 months.

This meant that they searched for just anything and went through everything I owned regarding Planet Prudence.

I have a bookkeeper that tells me how to do my administration and how to fill in all the forms.

The last tax auditors were hard on me. I sat here, only a couple of weeks after my ex boyfriend moved out and all sick with the flu, at the table crying. The profit of Planet Prudence is not much (Belgian taxes are a pain in the ass and almost half of what you earn goes to bookkeepers and taxes).

So they searched and searched until they found a mistake. Everything seemed okay and after 3 hours they found one mistake. One that the bookkeeper told me to do like this but to the inspectors, it was done wrong. So they filled in the form that they found a mistake and took off.

Yesterday, I opened the mail and I was charged with a €350 penalty for that one mistake.

I don’t know how I’m going to pay for that (and still be able to live and pay rent at the end of the month), but I want you to say that I’m doing the best I can to earn extra money this month:

– I’ll make an extra phone wallpaper for +$5 pledges

– I give -15% off on all prints on

– I am open for commissions

Please spread the word. I don’t know if I’ll put this on Instagram since they are looking over my shoulder just about everywhere and this is still a closed group <3

Thank you so much for all your support! <3