Only $ 75 left for free shipping!

I try to constantly get back to Instagram but life is giving me the hardest time at this point so everything keeps coming in between!

Good news is that I am quite busy on everything regarding Patreon, because you guys have been the biggest supportteam ever and I’m very grateful for everyone who edited their pledges and new Patreons!

So what will be up?
I’m working on the Wallpaper
I’m going to make the packages ready to ship in February
I’m going to contact you guys soon for the featured comics!
I’m also going to make a poll later this week for a new livestream
I’m going to collect questions this week for my upcoming Patron exclusive Q&A video
I’m going to make the extra comic tomorrow to post soon on here as well!

Thank you so much, I’m so grateful for all of you! You guys are the best 💜

Also, this sketch will be an appreciation illustration because I reached over 500K on Instagram 😱