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10 signs you’re dealing with a narcissistic person

Narcissistic person

10 signs you’re dealing with a narcissistic person

Detaching yourself from a narcissistic person is difficult, requires a lot of energy, standing your ground, keeping your boundaries and so much more, and it can still take ages and decades to be fully detached. Often being in the narcissist’s control is something that you didn’t see coming, never noticed happening and believe me, it’s something you couldn’t control either way. The narcissist wants what the narcissist wants.

We all have narcissistic traits, especially with teenagers it’s much more prone as a part of their development. Being a narcissist however, and getting diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, is much less common.

Approximately 1 in 200 people are diagnosed with NPD, but that doesn’t mean that only 1 in 200 has it, because a narcissist often doesn’t recognize they are the ones who have the problem. Oftentimes when they go to see a psychiatrist, (because very often people with NPD have co-occurring disorders such as anxiety or depression) it’s more often to play out their victim card. When therapy proceeds and the therapist gets to know the person a bit more, the narcissist usually stops the therapy altogether. It happens that years later they’ll pick therapy back up, but usually not with the same therapist.

Some signs you’re dealing with a narcissist are:
▪️wants to control you
▪️Invalidates your feelings & boundaries
▪️Tried to manipulate you
▪️Keeps up appearances for the outside world
▪️Envies you (can’t stand you being happy & free)
▪️Plays the victim card whenever they can
▪️Excessive need for attention
▪️It always has to be about them
▪️They usually have a “nice” person/scapegoat they manipulate to make sure to get closer to you

If you’re dealing with a narcissist, there’s only a tiny little chance you’ll be able to change them, as they won’t recognize or acknowledge their own issues. They would rather blame it on you instead. Don’t take it personally, you are not to blame for their drama and life choices. They’re only playing their little victim card and try to manipulate you back into the relationship.

In each country there are lifeline phone numbers available for victims of emotional and physical abuse. If you feel you’re in the hands of a narcissist, give this (usually free number) a call and they’ll usually go as far as guiding you to get away from the toxic environment or give a clear view on your situation. Sometimes a narcissistic person will make you feel like a “crazy person seeing things that aren’t there”, seeing issues where there aren’t any. Writing down the situations will help you a lot with listing them up to the person on the other end without any prejudice or bias.

If you are in an unsafe environment, ALWAYS call police! 💜

Stay safe my Friends 💜

(Note: I know people will ask or wonder, but this is definitely not in reference to my current romantic relationship 🙈 he’s wonderful 💫 I did encounter a handful of other people in my life that did check all the boxes)



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