Do you work digitally or traditionally?

I work traditionally. So everything is originally drawn by hand.

What art supplies do you use?

I use Copic markers which I buy at Busch & Van der Worp in The Netherlands, Copic Multiliner and Touch liner for inking and I use a Tous Les Jours mechanical pencil for graphite color sketching and a Staedtler Mars Micro mechanical pencil for sketching with red fillings. I often use Faber-Castell Polychromos coloured pencils to add texture to my work.


availability & pricing

Are you available for commissions?

I’m currently available for commissions depending on my schedule. If you have a certain deadline for the commission to arrive, make sure to contact me in time or just to see how long it would take me to get it finished. I will always do my best to meet your deadline, but I would kindly ask to allow me a decent time frame so I can have and make a finished product I’m proud of.

Do you give discounts on commissions?

I don’t offer discounts for commissions. My base price at this time is €150, which is the bare minimum I can ask at this point. I need to pay taxes on everything I earn and I also have to make sure to cover my working hours. For this reason I can’t offer discount, but it’s equal for everyone and I can offer you all a portrait for a price that allows me the time to make it the best I can.


How long does it take until you ship my order?

I go to the post office twice a week, or even 3 times if the orders come in fast. To pack your orders and ship them, I never take longer than 3 business days.

What postal service do you use?

I ship everything with the national postal service, which is Bpost.

When will I receive my order?

These dates are based on my experience that I’ve had within the last year of shipping orders around the globe. Chances are that these time frames can change depending on the weather, strikes and their processing of mail. It also depends on whether everything goes fluently both in my and your post office. But next to these factors, it should all be safely posted at your mailbox in these timeframes:

Belgium: 2-3 days (non-prior)

Europe: 4-6 business days.

Rest of the world: 10-14 business days.

I don’t use track and trace or secured shipment because otherwise the shipping would be too expensive. If you do want this, please contact me. I recommend this for foreign countries which have a non-trustable postal service.

Can I return, cancel or exchange my order?

I don’t accept returns, cancellations or exchanges, but please contact me if you have a problem with your order.

Legal address: Prudence Geerts, Hoogstraat 14 bus 3, 8470 Gistel, Belgium