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Heyy my Loves,

September is almost over, so here’s another favorites post 😀 I hope your month was/is amazing!

So let me just give you some more info about my picks this month.

1. Fall season: Hot chocolate or coffees without sweating like a pig, the beautiful colors of the trees, Halloween, the crisp mornings, the evenings turning darker again.. I love it. I do need to keep in mind to not get too much spiralled into the seasonal blues though.

2. Plants: I’ve been appreciating so much the greens in my house. I love my plants a lot and I treat them like my babies. It’s weird because I never seemed to love plants but now I really do a lot!

3. Moleskine sketchbook: I received it from Busch and van der Worp and will use it for Inktober. I hope it works well, since I actually have to use it for the entire month, haha! But I love the look, I love how the paper feels and I also like that the paper is not entirely white.

4. Word puzzles: I downloaded this app called word puzzle and I’m quite addicted to it since it relaxes me a lot. I used to do these in magazines, but you know, those are limited and the digital era has them too so I’m obiously loving them so much!

5. Fluffy socks: I got them out cause it’s Fall season. I’m glad I can wear them again and slide in my living room 😀 and yes, I have pink ones 😀

I hope you like this month’s favorites. What were your favorite(s)?

Love you guys so much!! <3 enjoy the weekend!


Prudence <3