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Do you recognize these feelings:

● you’re constantly tired of living in service of others because you can’t seem to catch
up with yourself.
● You never choose YOU first.
● You long for that moment for “yourself” but it never comes.
● Your life is more absorbed by fears and anxiety than love and calmness.
● You read the books, did a few courses, but nothing has ever helped.


Let’s take action!


After doing the challenge you’ll be:
● able to do things for others even better than before, because you won’t forget
yourself in the process.
● you’ll give yourself the attention and love you deserve on a daily basis
● you’ve learned all these different actions of self-love that are easy to implement in
your daily life.
● you’ll show up as the best version of yourself, for yourself and everyone around you,
on a daily basis and easily maintain it throughout your future life.



About Prudence

Hi! I’m Prudence and I help people see the beauty in themselves, mostly through relatable comics and wholesome artwork. I for one have read most self help books under the sun, went through a lot of therapy in the last decade, took courses about the philosophy behind self-love and self development. But there is one thing I learned: you can’t start loving yourself or put things into practice when you can’t make it a habit and put things into action.

Habits are formed in 20 to 30 days, which is exactly why I set up this challenge. You’ll participate in a challenge where you’ll be loving yourself actively and reflect on things you otherwise wouldn’t reflect on to get to know your inner demons and process them into loving energy.

“How do I know this will work?”

Before I put this online, I did everything in the challenge myself. I had to know if it worked. And I put it into practice in the worst period ever. During my challenge I was going through a break up after a relationship of 4 years, I had to start preparing to move out of my first safe place, was crying every single day and lost a handful of people who I thought were my friends in the process.

I continued the challenge anyway. If anything, this would actually mean the Self-Love
challenge helped, even through adversity. I made it a habit to do something for ME every day and reflect on myself by the questions I made. Of course heartbreak doesn’t get cured by doing a Self-Love challenge. But the way you look at it, the way you look at yourself and the love you rebuild for yourself sure benefits from it.

And so, a few months later it’s here. I launched this challenge so you can enjoy it as well.
I’m proud of this. I’m proud of you. And if there’s a hesitant voice in your head asking whether you deserve this or not, whether you’ll have the time for it or not or if this is actually worth it. The answer is always: YES! Do this for you, you deserve it so much and afterwards, EVERYONE around you, and YOU will benefit from you having done this challenge.


30-day Self-Love Challenge

Does change need to happen in your life because you’re constantly pleasing others while life is always catching up on YOU? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place.You’ll be spending 30 days doing this FREE challenge for YOU! And the best thing? It’s low-threshold and is sent to your mailbox every day of the month. Literally everyone can do it because the challenges are low effort but make a HUGE impact!Sign up now to start your 30-day Self-Love Challenge!

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