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Self-love and confidence affirmations cause you’re worth it

Self-love and confidence

To find self-love and confidence is often a rocky journey on its own that we often deal with on our own. Especially when life gets tough, I’m personally more likely to find myself in an isolated place. I’m so thankful to have you guys, cause ever since I found our family here, I always felt like having thousands of brothers and sisters who share and support each others’ journey as well.

I know many of you are also suffering and fighting in silence. What helps me to get out of a painful moment and back into realising I’m not doing too bad, are affirmations. I either write them down over and over (also to keep my mind off of darker thoughts), or I write them down once and then recite them as some kind of mantra. I know even to come up with them is quite hard at that moment, so I thought I might write some down for you that I have used for some years, in case you need them later. I came up with these a few years back together with my psychiatrist:

  • I am valuable as a human being and deserve to be treated as such
  • I am not broken or damaged goods, I am hurt and in pain. 
  • My experience is truth and no one can either silence me or take any of that away from me
  • I don’t need to live up to anyone’s expectations or demands, I’m my own person
  • I am worthy of leading my own, fulfilling, life and to achieve great things in my life such as a successful career and a healthy relationship.
  • I’m allowed to be hurt and in pain, and I don’t need to make others happy by acting like I’m not.
  • I’m allowed to feel my feelings.

When I received pictures of some of you in the #reclaimyourbody shirts, I burst out in tears. I was so touched to see our love spread wide across the globe. More so, I was thinking about all the lives you’re touching by explaining more about the message on the t-shirt (or sweater, tote bag,..) to your loved ones, or even just bypassers reading it and just having a little “hmm.. they’re right” moment as they take a moment to overthink its meaning. Kind of like a shared affirmation?



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