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Hi my Loves,

you guys suggested that I’d do a Q&A the beginning of November as a wrap up for Inktober, and I would absolutely love that! So I’m uploading Friday afternoon a video on Patreon with the Q&A and how I experienced Inktober and what all happened to me and what I learned.

November is my birthday month, so the wallpapers will be themed for my birthday and all about celebration!

I have a new Patreon post coming up for social media so let’s hope we reach our first goal and so I can make a third video this month for ALL my Patrons! That would be awesome! My goal is to ultimately make Patreon one of my main income sources next to my shop and commissions.

I also learned soo much about poses and made lots of sketches during Inktober of which I will probably make some of them into illustrations. I’m going to obviously share these sketches with you as well.

I hope you guys enjoy this Halloween!