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Print – Living a Thousand Lives
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Print – Living a Thousand Lives

Lately, especially with the crisis and all bad things happening in this world, I get so stressed out and anxious, I just want to hibernate and I have the urge to buy things I can just escape in for a little bit. Can you relate to that?

For me, that’s mostly books and art, because those tend to tell a story. I just don’t really like that when they arrive in a cardboard envelope and I open it and it’s all dog eared or has water damage from traveling in the mail. It really ruins the experience for me and I especially don’t like reading books that have water damage.

So I figured I could make an illustration that tells a story and portrays the magic that books are offering me, so then I can offer you to get this print you can escape in, but on top of that, I can offer the option to receive it in a special full-experience package that uplevels the magic of the experience and makes you feel like you just gifted yourself a trip to Neverland when you open up the box.

It’s been around 2 years since the last print I made, and somehow I just wanted to offer “more”. So I came with the idea that will allow YOU to decide how your experience will be.

You can get the print however you like:

  • in the first option it’ll arrive in a tube straight from the print shop. Shipping is not included in that price.
  • the second option you can get it personally printed, handsigned, packed and shipped by yours truly. Shipping is included in the price here!
  • in the third option you can get the full experience where I’ll frame the print on top of it all, decorate it beautifully, add some sprinkles and goodies so when it arrives, it’s a full experience that makes you smile from ear to ear for a little longer or you can even gift it to your loved one and admire their smile as you gifted it!

All of the options contain the print printed on museum quality paper and all three options also contain safe shipping so no dog-eared prints are arriving at your doorstep!

If you’re like me and you want to buy handmade or artisanal goods from artists, and want your purchases give you more than the 2 second buyer’s high and instead give you an actual special experience, then I’m sure shopping this print is definitely going to give you all that (AT THE LEAST! Pinky promise 😀 )

Print dimensions:
21 x 29.7 cm or 8.3 x 11.7 inch (sizing can slightly change as I cut the prints by hand)

The framed option is limited to only 10 pieces!

The last photo shows how the framed print is securely shipped from my studio in Belgium, Europe

With every print sold I’ll donate 10% of the profits to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline *thank you so much!*

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