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Portrait Commissions
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Portrait Commissions

How many times have you taken the most beautiful photo of a transitional or special moment in your life, whether it was your 22-week pregnancy milestone, that moment you felt your eating disorder recovery was finally in sight, or the moment you realized you’re feeling fully comfortable in your own body again– and then that moment just gets lost in your photos folder on your phone, on your old laptop or on a hard drive at best?

Do you recognise any of these feelings:

  • You would like for your body to be loved everyday in all its beauty and have a fixed reminder there ALL the time to remind you that you are worthy, loved and BEAUTIFUL?
  • You want your kids, grandkids and/or nieces or nephews to be able to look back at your most powerful moments and inspire them to feel empowered in next generations so they don’t have to put up the societal standards that we got??
  • You want, for yourself, to immortalize moments in your life where you felt stronger than ever, to pull you through every single other moment that is about to come next?

I would forever forget about pictures I took where I felt empowered and had to drag myself through the lesser moments when they occured. I learned, through my own art, that just immortalizing these moments -and it just always makes us admire it more when great effort was put into them, like a painting, or an investment in some way- just adds so much to our process of self-love and self-acceptance.

Do you recognise yourself in this as well?
Do you, on top of that, want to have full control and curate your own unique portrait along with someone you’ve already built a relationship with? Grab your spot for one of the few portraits I’ll be making before the end of the year and assure yourself to get the best gift to yourself or your loved one before Christmas (or just because you’re worth it 😉 )

As this is a process where I’ll put in my time and effort in just for you, spots are going to be very limited and as I’m one human being, I won’t be able to serve you all before Christmas. Enjoy your own unique portrait and the amazing, empowering process which is an experience in and of itself, by claiming your spot now. I’ll email you soon after you placed your order to book a call to get to know each other a bit more, discuss the process and for me to listen to your wishes for your portrait.


How it works:

First you place your order (do you like a portrait of your torso -so without your head and lower body, do you want a half-body portrait or maybe a full-body portrait? Do you want just you or maybe with an extra person, like your baby or your partner? Do you want it to be framed and ready to hang so you get the full experience?)

After I received your order, depending on the time of day it is here, I’ll personally send you an email very soon after to book a call. You get the full personal experience! I will send you a link to my Calendly so you can book a Zoom call with me on a time of day and date that WORKS FOR YOU! In the Zoom call we’ll discuss what your wishes are, how you want the portrait to look like and what background colors you’d prefer in case you got yourself a half-body or full-body portrait.

The sizing will always be A4 format and in case you ordered it framed, I will frame it beautifully in a premium white oak A4-sized frame.

All portraits will be originally handsigned and dated on the bottom right corner of the paper.


After I sketched your portrait, you can request some changes in this stage. Then I proceed to the inking and coloring stage and move on to printing. I’ll have you agree on the colors in the most significant parts like the background before I start drawing. I know how important that can be in terms of interior choices so we’ll discuss that in the call.

How does it get printed?

I print and frame everything myself. Like I said: I’ll dedicate my time ENTIRELY to you and I want this to be a full experience of feeling worthy, loved and devine! I will make sure the print is how I would want it to look like in terms of colors, composition, everything! If something is not right, I’ll reprint it until it’s perfect! You know how I am 😀

I print everything on A4 museum quality paper. I’ll save you the technical details, but basically it’s paper that allows the colors to POP just as they were drawn. The colors will also withold the test of time and maintain when the print is well preserved (like in a frame). I searched a very long time for the perfect paper (I also don’t like paper that is too white, cause those remind me of school textbooks haha), but I found the perfect color, texture and quality of paper which I’ll use for your print as well.

How is the portrait shipped?

If you requested no frame, I’ll ship your order in a cardboard envelope, with your print securely packed in a cellophane sleeve, cardboard backing, nicely wrapped in pink tissue paper.

If you requested it framed (this service is only +€50), I’ll ship your order in a larger, sturdy, cardboard box, the frame secured in all corners, surrounded by some paper filling and foam sheets top and bottom so it doesn’t go loco in the box during its trip to you. I will also wrap everything beautifully in beautiful pink tissue paper.

Shipping goes through FedEx, with whom I have a good relationship and a personal contact person. Shipping is already included in the price, so no need to worry about extra costs.

For Canadian, Norwegian and Swiss folks, I know your countries demand customs fees from packages shipped from Belgium (or the EU in general), so please keep that in mind. That is the one cost I don’t cover and I am sadly also not able to provide an option here that will allow us to avoid those.


I know creating a portrait like this is very delicate and I’m very aware you will trust me with pictures that you most likely wouldn’t show anyone else. For me, the most precious things there are, is trust and time, which is something we’ll be interchanging in this experience.

For the photo:

I will share a folder in my drive where you can post the picture in. I’ll immediately remove the photo from my drive and computer right after I downloaded it and put it on an external drive.
I will NEVER use your personal photo for anything.

For the print:

If you’d rather keep the result of your portrait private and have me remove/not use it in my portfolio, I can do that as well!


I think this is something you probably already know but here goes the legal details: Full Copyright remains with the artist. No reproductions or business usage are allowed.

As the artist, I retain all copyrights to the images I have created, originals and printed. The purchase of the original image or prints does not translate to purchase of copyright.

My original paintings and prints are to be enjoyed for personal use only. None of my images may be used for commercial purposes, including branding, content usages, products and packaging unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by me.

When sharing on social media, clearly credit and/or @planetprudence.

If you have any additional questions before placing your order or want a custom order with more people on the portrait or have it printed on a larger format, make sure to contact me via


As my time is limited, spots will also be limited. I will offer the best quality to every single one of you and make it one of the most memorable experiences of your life so you will never, ever forget about your own beauty and power.

I will first work with pilot prices, which means these prices are affordable for EVERYONE now until demand is too high for me to carry. So if you want a unique, premium product and move on to the next step in your journey to immortalize your beauty in a painting, it is definitely worth being one of the first ones to claim your spots.

I can’t wait to share this magical experience with you!

The last photo shows how the framed print is securely shipped from my studio in Belgium, Europe

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