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All The Faces – Washi Tape
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All The Faces – Washi Tape


These Planet Prudence All the Faces washi tapes come in two variants. One in a calm and serene pink that you can use and mix and match with basically anything, and one with a vibrant gradient from yellow to pink and red, which would be perfect to spice up your packaging and bullet journal.

These Planet Prudence washi tapes have 10m of goodness on each roll and come wrapped in a easy to remove transparent sleeve with a Planet Prudence sticker on top which you can easily reuse if you detach it carefully.

What is washi tape?

Washi is a paper sort that finds its origin in Japan. De fibers of the paper are often made from the Gampi trees, Mitsumata and Mulberry trees but can also be made from hemp, rice and bamboo. Super organic and eco-friendly! The thin paper texture makes the tape slightly transparent, but as they come in variations and with illustrated prints, they are often use as decorative tapes to decorate planners, bullet journals, gifts and more. It’s easy to rip off and very easy to apply and to remove. When you remove the tape, there will be no glue residue and you can easily reapply as much as you want!

As quality is a big one at Planet Prudence, I had my washi tapes handmade in China, by a manufacturer that knows all the ins and outs when it comes to Washi and was able to provide me with the best quality Washi tape for Planet Prudence customers.


Length: approx. 10M

Width: 1.5 cm/ 0.59 inch

Enjoy decorating!

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