Only $ 75 left for free shipping!

Hey my loves 💜

Bpost , our national post service that I make use of to send my prints and care packs, came with “new rules” since last week, that I wasn’t informed of as a small business owner.

I have to fill in customs documents for each package I send out outside of europe. They had 4 customs documents in their office and only wanted to give out 2 for my 20+ orders I had.

This process will take me a lot of time + I have to wait until I have the documents to be able to ship them.

I’ll still ship to the us so people still have a chance to get my limited prints and products, it’ll take a bit longer for now though so please bear with me, but in january I’ll be updating my website to make it more user friendly and I’ll also work with a courier as this is the last straw for me. I won’t be able to keep it up this way 💔

Bpost makes it super hard for small businesses to survive and I’ll lose a lot of money and time to shipping for now. Also I have to wait until they have enough costums documents in the office and especially if they’re willing to give them out to me (as they had 4 today and were only willing to give 2 documents)

Your order is coming your way, guys!

I’m not giving up no matter at what cost 💜

Without you guys I wouldn’t be able to do what I do and to keep the shop and care packages up. I know I’ve grown a lot since the very beginning where I used to count the fried snacks because I couldn’t get by until the end of the month. But with these bumps in the road, I’m definitely thankful to have you as my Patrons, because otherwise there wouldn’t be a way for me to keep going 💜 I’m so incredibly thankful.

First there’s the paper that is going to be twice as expensive than the paper I’ve used before, and now it’s the shipping. I don’t know *what* to do, I just know I want to do all that it takes to keep going as this is my everything. And this family is my everything 💜

Thank you so much for your patience 🥺💜

Thank you for everything!

I love you 💜


Prudence 💜