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Hey my Loves πŸ’œ,

I hope you’re all doing well and are enjoying the content and community on here. As you probably already know, there are some changes coming up.

The $2 and $10 tier are no longer going to be here, but there are going to be many more improvements happening! I do hope you appreciate the upgrades I’m making and I really look forward to seeing you back here.

I really needed to make improvements as I felt I kept making ends meet, I have no time for courses which I would love to take in the future to improve my work and I was occupied with making rewards that barely anyone really used and couldn’t get to enjoying my work- and personal life, so it really started to drain me and being demotivated to keep going. I hope these improvements and upgrade in rewards will be much appreciated by you as well and eventually I hope I can keep doing this wonderful job, and be financially in a much better place as I really feel that gives me a lot less stress and much more inspiration as well not to have that concern.

Confession: I was feeling guilty for a very long time to monetize my work, to value it and I’ve come across the “right” people who opened my eyes one after the other in such a short amount of time that it suddenly just hit me that I really needed to start making changes.

What will be removed entirely from September onward are:

– The reference sheets (but I’ll cover specific requests on how to’s in the livestreams each month)

– The 3 random coloring pages (exchanged for the drawing on demand coloring page)

– The exclusive comic (because some comics don’t find their way to the big public on Instagram anyway)

So here’s the *New* content I’m offering from September onward:

– The $1 tier is having some change ups and are basically an entry to Art Club, Discord, our community on here and of course early access to videos (I’m making my return to YouTube), comics and life updates.

– The drawing on demand downloadable coloring page in the $5 tier! The actual physical format of this is going to be in the monthly care packs *which are currently sold out*

– The podcast episodes and the archieve are going to be available in the $5 tier.

– I’m offering a monthly LIVE advice session where you can leaveΒ  targeted questions about business, social media, drawing techniques,.. in the $15 tier (this is limited in spots) The video of this live will later be posted in this tier so you don’t need to physically be there every month and your questions will still be answered. The date of the live will be announced after I ask you for your available times in the beginning of each monthΒ 

– Everything else is mainly going to stay the same.

I want to ask you , if you’re in the $2 or $10 tier, to assign yourself another tier for September (if you do this in August you’ll receive an extra thank you wallpaper from me for being an early bird in the upgrades if you assign yourself to become a $5 Patron or more πŸ₯°) πŸ’œ

I’m so thankful that so many of you have already made the upgrade, and allowing me to grow along and together with you as well πŸ’œ

I love you guys so much and I hope to see you all in September!Β 


Prudence πŸ’œ