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Hi my Loves <3

this month I did something I promised myself not to do anymore, which is taking on another project. Of course it stressed me the hell out because it didn’t really go the way I wanted and I wasn’t given many good tools or a decent variety of colors. I also am not sure if it’s going to be approved, but I really hope so.

I spent the last hour and a half photoshopping this piece because THIS was the original:

The pens bled trough and out, it even messed up my waterproof ink. It didn’t promise what it should’ve, but I was able to make the most out of it. BUT I took on the project of making an illustration because I want to upgrade my digital experience with an ipad, which I’ve been longing so much for because I can’t sit all Summer in my workroom or be tied only to paper and pens while I feel such a good feeling with the freedom that digital art has given me with my Wacom already. I would be able to do sooo much more. So I want to make this business expense. Also, many of you have been encouraging me to do so.

Real life project taking is still the same as it was last week and I have to exchange the calmth and the joy of art for money to get me to do more with another tool to upgrade both my art and my life – the irony. I feel like I halfway don’t deserve it if in exchange for money, I had to give up some of my worth. But I mean.. life is also making sacrifices, right?

I’m going to email this illustration and hope it’s going to be approved. Next what would be left for me is to post this somewhere next week probably <3

I hope you guys don’t hate me to have made this little sacrifice, but in exchange I’d be so happy to get to finally give Planet Prudence the upgrade she deserve ^-^

PS: the reason I get there with this one project is because I can pay for most food and bills now through Patreon. You guys are amazing and as we grow, I’m sure we will get to do more amazing things <3


Aghh it’s the end of the month now by the way 🙁 I hope to see you again tomorrow for a new month <3


Prudence <3