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Hii my Loves,

Soo I’m back with a new updated post. I’m still drawing loads of comics (and I have also some commissions which I’m still working on) and I just wanted to let you know about some things I’ve been working on recently.

As you know, taxes were a pain in the ass and I’m not even sure if this is legitimate what the bookkeeper is telling me and if he even knows enough of the things I do. So on Monday, I have a second opinion with some guys who know more about fiscality for artists.

I also am working on two comics for one of the BBC instagram pages. Next to that I did a project for Microsoft I’m already done with.

I am also working on the comics for Patreon and will soon start on the wallpaper as well. I already look forward to the new wallpaper and it’s no surprise that it’s going to be Christmas themed 😀

Next to all that I have a couple of sketches that need to be turned into finished comics very soon! I keep sketching, but it never seem to end and I never seem to get to the inking stage hahah.

I had a call yesterday with an agent regarding a second book as well, and she gave me the great news that she wants to work together with me on a second book. I already have an idea and can’t wait to show you my next book proposal!

Honestly, I’m already happy to say to you that it won’t be a bundle of comics anymore, but more something that may help you along the way!

I’m also working on the set up of my new webpage for the coaching sessions and the mindfulness blog which I’m going to start doing in 2019 (which is SO soon!) I already shot the pictures for it which you can see a few of already in my previous post on here and my personal instagramaccount which is

I don’t know guys. I’m working on so many things. But I’m also working on new comics and I just can’t wait to take a few days to work solely on them.

This year of Planet Prudence has been a success but I know I have to work and plan more and more in 2019. I need to do coaching at least half time and the other half will be for Patreon, my webshop and commissions and projects. I’ll take an extra 2 hours each day to work on comics so I’ll be able to upload at least 3 of them each week.

What is your feedback on all this? Guys, I need you by my side. I love that you are by my side and I definitely need you in this new year as well! <3

I’m forever grateful to have you besides me in this journey <3

I hope you have the most amazing weekend, that you’re doing well. And remember, I’m always here for you too <3