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Heyy my Loves,

Here I am with October’s monthly favorites! Let me enlighten a little bit more about what I enjoyed so much about these items:

1: Mint tea: Mint tea helped me so much with my cold last week! It was a huge live saver!

2: The Planet Prudence Discord channel: I really enjoy my Discord channel (see if you want to join) it’s basically a chat where we hang out when I’m not streaming 😀

3: Laura Marshall’s book “Friend Request”: I’m not finished with the book yet, but it’s the first book that I REALLY enjoy in a pretty long time 😮

4: Halloween Vibes: I’m still into the Halloween vibes (even if all the Halloween decoration is on promo now) but still, the Fall vibes give me quite the cosy vibes. And the Halloween vibes help me with getting in a good mood with thriller books 😀

5: (the keys to) our new place: BECAUSE I ALREADY FEEL HOME THERE OMGGG <3 <3

I hope you have the most amazing month in November and that October was good on you! <3

Love you guys so much. Thank you so much for being here! You’ll always be my favorite of course <3


Prudence <3