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I’m not doing a comic tonight because I’m lucky to be asked out on a date (we’re going to have dinner for our 2 year anniversary), by Bae! I haven’t been out the door for ages now, and I know tomorrow will be a tough day to recover since I have been sick all week already. I’m going to take another nap before we go.

I’m working on 10-12 comics that will not be posted on my Instagram anytime soon I think. I might spread them over a certain amount of time. But someone who is hosting a known website, asked me to do this series so he could help me spread awareness. No way I would say no to that. So I’m doing these series where I show you the struggles of being chronically ill in a funny way. I just hope they will still post it once it’s done. If so, I’ll be happy to share the link with you on here!

What do you think of this sketch so far?