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Hey my Loves,

okay so doooon’t be too hyped. But a wonderful new beautiful Patron called @lettershoppe got me superexcited about selling more merch and it can finally happen since she like pushed me in some direction. But it’s superscary. And I would also be able to let have it get shipped cause they have warehouses in EU and US. But I have to double check on that one and if not, we would still be able to have it up when the world is a little bit more at ease.

And there’s a test phase that comes before selling anyway, so it might take a little while anyway.

BUT ANYWAYYY: my question would be what you’d like to see. With that I mean: do you want to see shirts, tote bags, hoodies, mugs, leggings,… AND what would you want to see as a print: patterns, quotes (which genre? motivational, spiritual,..) , circle illustrations (with quotes maybe?),..

Okay let me know 😀 I LOVE YOU SO SO SOOOO MUCHHH!!


Prudence <3 <3