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Hey my Loves 💜

You know how I got that one comic called “Dating” before? I decided not to post it tonight for the simple reason that I felt way too vulnerable to do it. I’ve been dealing with a few inner demons and have been experiencing a few nights dealing with intense nightmares again, which results in mood drops and anxiety which then results in feeling not good enough and scared to put stuff out in to the wide world. As it’s weekend, I’m going to take the time just creating for us here, in my safe place.

I know going outside of your comfort zone is necessary, but I know who we can bump into on the wide internet, and our close community seems to be better to put these things up for now. Especially since I received a bunch of disappointing comments. There was one girl who asked me why I never make anything new anymore. It was probably harmless, but it kinda makes me feel a bit desperate as I kinda want to show people I still do create a ton of new content and it’s left unseen by so many people. I’m not not posting it to avoid anything, I’m not posting the Dating comic because I just want to keep it safe, as it’s a huge part of my soul put into that and I’m not in the right place to be THAT vulnerable for literally everyone to see. I’d rather keep it here for you 💜

Love you guys, and I hope you’re having a nice Friday night 💜


Prudence 💜 

This is the sketch: