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Hey my Loves,

here’s this month’s drawing on demand <3 I hope you enjoy this one, I at least enjoyed making it 😀 I decided to mix a few of your suggestions and requests but the main request came from Jeanette, who requested Prudence on a rollercoaster. The other requests I included were Juno’s community hug (but I didn’t include the hug as it’s a bit hard on a rollercoaste going down). I always use this “spirit” character as a way to portray the community or other people, as I wouldn’t want to exclude anyone by adding very particular characteristics so it can be any of you <3 <3

I also included Robert’s suggestion, which were flowers 😀

This will also be in the care packs of this month 😀 

note: the care packs that need to be shipped outside of Europe will be kept safely here with me until I get notified that flights will leave Europe again for the orders after the Corona outbreak is over <3 I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, I hope you’re understanding and of course that means you’ll get so much more care once I can ship them over to you <3



Prudence <3