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Hey my Loves,

Here are my monthly favorites <3

1. My boyfriend working from home: I freaked out when his work didn’t allow people to work from home but they finally durned around their decision and came to terms about it. He’s now working safely from home and I’m super grateful for that <3

2. Uno: I retrieved this deck of cards from below the dust and out of some cardboard boxes that I still have packed around our place. We’ve been playing this every day since we’ve been in quarantine and even a bit before that with my brother.

3. Sand cookies: I baked freshly made sand cookies one evening and I’m hooked. I love them so much 😀 I’m not gonna lie, there are not many cookies that I don’t like. What are your favorite cookies at the moment?

4. Spring: I am grateful that even in these hard times of not getting to be around loved ones, that I can still be outside and enjoy how the world doesn’t stop to blossom <3

5. OITNB books: GUYSSS!! Did you know that OITNB has some books? I don’t know yet if the show was based on the books or the other way around, but either way, it’s awesome! It’s my best discovery of the month 😀

I hope you like these favorites. What were yours? <3

Stay safe and healthy, my lovely friends <3 I love you guys so so sooo much <3


Prudence <3