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The heartbreaking story of Mahsa Amini

Mahsa amini

Be the voice for Mahsa Amini and Iranian people!

I was shocked to see that my DMs flooded with messages about this heartbreaking news that I really need to share with you so please take a minute of your time to read this 💔

I received a letter from one of my dear followers who needs to stay anonymous for her safety:

“Last week Mahsa Amini, an Iranian Kurdish woman was murdered by the “morality police”. She was 22 years old and she went to Tehran with her family to visit the capital of Iran.

She was arrested by the “morality police” for not covering her hair fully.

The police claimed that they would let her go after a class about hijab but at the time that they should have released her an ambulance came and escorted her to a hospital. She was severely beaten by the police. She spent 3 days in a coma and later died.

We, the Iranian people did not remain silent, we started protesting in the streets.

Be our voice and say her name, let the world hear us.”

My heart breaks from what I learned about the protests, the government in Iran, the way people are being mistreated for literally just going out on the streets these days. They’re in an unsafe environment and not enough people are talking about it. It’s not even one of the headlines in the news.

We need to be there for each other and talk about this. I have put together this post and collected dms, calls for help and the article of @middleeastmatters

We don’t stand up for humanity if we don’t stand up for each other! There, I said it!

Share this post, share what is happening in Iran, remember that us having to worry about daily, mundane things and we, who are able to USE our voice is a freaking privilege that we can now put in use to help others! That’s what we can do now, people in Iran NEED us to do this!

Reshare, repost, comment a ton of 💜’s in the comments, tag your friends, we need this news spread because the media isn’t doing it for them!

Nikki haley tweet

I love you, stay safe! 💜



#MahsaAmini #beourvoice #Iran #MoralityPolice #مهسا_امینی

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