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Heyy my Loves 💜

How are you doing today?

Here’s my drawing on demand for this month, kindly requested by the amazing Sophia. She requested me to draw adult Pru hugging her as a child (I’m constantly talking about her in the 3rd person and someone on stream mentioned that it means distancing yourself from your feelings and trauma)

I think Sophia either looked into my head from a very far distance, or have seen me showing this sketch before. I drew it a few months back and shared it on Patreon as a sketch I would probably never finish. As this one will only be posted on here and will be included in this month’s care pack in the Care Bear tier (or Extreme Care Bear) as a print (if you want to be a Care Bear, there are currently only 3 slots left, guys -thank you so much, guys, btw!! 💜 I’m beyond touched 💜). It felt really good finishing it. I felt that little feeling in my throat though, as if I was about to cry, or angry for wanting at least a chance to be able to protect my childhood self.

The main story behind this illustration is that as a grown up, I’m struggling with PTSD and depression as a result of my traumas. I wish somehow I could go back and protect myself with the power, knowledge and authority I have as an adult. With the care that I could have given this child. I wish I could tell her that it isn’t her fault and that she is a victim, who is worthy of protection and a safe environment and that her use in this world is not to be abused and treaten like garbage. She was a good kid. She was awesome.

Here’s a little bonus picture of Pru as a kid:

I love you guys! Thank you for being awesome and for supporting me in this amazing journey I get to share with you 💜 thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable and open 💜


Prudence 💜